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Ana de Medeiros, King’s College, London (

About the management SIG

This is a closed group for managers and directors of language programmes. The purpose of the group is to provide a forum to share issues and ideas of common interest in the spirit of collaboration and support. It is also to help disseminate considered best practice, and share common strategies.

The group can meet “virtually” using the JISCmail email list: 

This is a sublist of the Association of University Language Centres and focuses on issues of language centre management and administration, teaching, language advising and research in a variety of learning environments (self-access, virtual or classroom).

Meetings will generally be held as parallel sessions during AULC AGMs. Extra meetings can be arranged as the group decides.

Objectives of the SIG

  1. To gather data on aspects of good practice in the areas of marketing, human resource management, customer care, resources, quality control, finance, facilities etc, with a view to providing an information service to members.

  2. To encourage and promote good practice in language teaching, advising and learning.

  3. To inform and apply research into teaching, advising and learning.

  4. To share and disseminate information about events which are relevant to the context within which language centres operate

These objectives will be achieved through:

  1. Discussion and exploration of effective ways to exploit resources in a variety of learning environments (e.g. the self-access centre, the electronic environment, the classroom).

  2. Reflection on the professional roles which develop within an ever-changing language centre environment.

  3. Interaction with other SIGs in the Association of University Language Centres.

  4. Collaboration with existing professional organisations and projects.

  5. The organisation of regular meetings and visits to colleagues at language centres

Mailing list

Subscribe to the management SIG mailing list via the Jiscmail website:

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