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The mailing list administrator is Matthew Platts (University of Sussex). Please contact him if you have any problems or queries about this service.

aulc - members

AULC’s all-purpose list for announcing meetings and discussing points of interest to all members of staff in AULC institutions. Have you subscribed to this list? If not, go to the Jiscmail website:

Is your language centre a member of AULC? If not, persuade them to join. Note: Approval for posting must be sought from the Chair, Vice-Chair or Secretary if the post concerns a local event or is of a commercial nature.

aulc - management

The purpose of the group is to provide a forum for Directors or senior managers of Institution Wide Language Programmes to share issues and ideas of common interest in the spirit of collaboration and support. It is also to help disseminate considered best practice, and share common strategies. Membership of the group is limited only to managers of programmes to enable the discussion of potentially sensitive matters without disclosure to the wider language teaching community.

Subscribe to this list via the Jiscmail website:

aulc - tls (formerly aulc - resources)

This is the list for Teaching, Learning and Support in language centres. Join this list to discuss the needs of teachers and learners and exchange technical information and solve problems of AV and computer use in language learning and teaching. This is also the list for identifying and exchanging language resources.

Missed an off-air recording? Join the list:

aulc - profdevelop

The purpose of this group is to provide a forum for all members with an interest in professional development, professional identity and scholarly activity for teaching and learning support staff of AULC member institutions. Subscribe to this list via the Jiscmail website:

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